refine your space in 5 easy steps

Nº 1.  get started

Click below to fill out our Lifestyle Questionnaire.  This is very important to help us get an understanding of your budget and your unique style and preferences.  The more information you provide the more efficiently we can hit the mark!

Nº 2.  Snap photos

Use your smart phone to snap some photos of your space.  Email them to  After reviewing your space, we will send you a Measurement Request based off your photos.  At this time we will invoice you and upon payment we will get started!

*For local clients, if you'd prefer us to take the pictures and measurements for you, we are happy to do so.  We charge a $100 flat fee for home visits.

Nº 3.  Inspiration sent

In about 3-4 weeks, we will email you our handpicked product selections in the form of an Inspiration Board, a Shopping List with links to purchase each item and a digital Floorplan, to scale, if needed.  Multiple room projects may have a longer lead time.

Nº 4.  Feedback

Let us know what you like and don't like!  Based on your feedback, we will email you Product Swap-Outs for items you're not loving.  We include 2 rounds of Product Swap-Outs within our flat-fee.  Don't worry, we offer additional rounds at $100 each if you need them!

Nº 5.  refine your space

Once you are happy with our selections, we will email you the Final Inspiration with ordering instructions and directions on how to achieve a fully refined space all on your own!


"We love looking for new ways to inspire.  Look out for 'Soiree | Inspired' coming soon!" - Refinerie