• Small space such as an Entryway or Bathroom



  • Large Space such as a Dining Room, Living Room or Bedroom

ALl Packages include…


A design presentation including a Concept Board, Floorplan and a Shopping List delivered via email.

  • Concept Board:   The Concept Board will allow you to see the products we have chosen for your space and give you a feel of how your space will look once completed.  Our concepts include all major furniture, lighting and textile choices for furniture, windows and pillows.  

  • Floorplan:  Each round will include a Floorplan that will show your room to scale with the furniture layout we have created that best fits your space.   

  • Shopping List:  The Shopping List will include all products we have recommended in your space including pricing, dimensions and detailed instructions on how to implement the concept in your space.  Most products we recommend will be purchased through Refinerie. If we have recommended any retail products, links to purchase will be provided. We also offer in-home installation at our hourly rate (see below).  

  • Samples:  We will provide fabric and furniture finish samples for products purchased through Refinerie.  

  • Two Rounds of Revisions:  Included in our set fee is two rounds of revisions.  We offer additional rounds at our hourly rate (see below).  

  • Purchasing:  Refinerie will oversee ordering and facilitate deliveries of all products purchased through Refinerie. 

  • Unlimited Email Communication:  As part of our set fee we offer unlimited email communication during the scope of the project (six months).  Refinerie will respond to emails within two business days. If needed, we offer phone or in-home consultations at our hourly rate (see below).  

Refinerie is happy to provide the following additional services at $150 per hour:

  • In-Home Measure

  • Additional Rounds of Revisions 

  • Phone Consultation 

  • In-Home Design Consultation

  • In-Home Installation

  • In-Home Styling

"We believe that decorating your home is a labor of love and each home reflects your spirit, creativity and passions." - Refinerie