Below is an example of what is included in our Flat-fee inspiration package and the steps to our design process.

Inspiration Board

shopping lIst


refined space

refine your space in 5 easy steps

Nº 1.  get started

Click below to fill out our Lifestyle Questionnaire.  This is very important to help us get an understanding of your budget and unique style and preferences.  The more information you provide the more efficiently we can hit the mark!

Nº 2.  Measurements and photos

We will email you instructions on how to best take photos of your space and send us measurements.  For local clients, you may opt for us to take pictures and measurements for you for $150 per hour.

Nº 3.  Design collaboration

Do you have a Pinterest Board started for your space?  If so, send us an invite so we can take a peak!  Or email us any pictures of rooms that inspire you or items you are loving.

Nº 4.  Inspiration Delivered

Our first round of Inspiration is delivered within 3-4 weeks after the brainstorming is complete.  You will receive an Inspiration Board that embodies our vision for the space along with links to the main items.  If you are not completely happy with your first look, don’t worry.  We offer 2 rounds of revisions in your package.

Nº 5.  refine your space

Once you are happy with our selections, we’ll email you the Final Inspiration and mail you a printed copy.   This includes an Inspiration Board, a Floorplan, and a Shopping List with ordering instructions and directions on how to achieve a fully refined space all on your own!

  • For each project, Refinerie sets aside three months to conceptualize your design and three months for ordering and implementation.   This allows us to fully focus on our current clients and provide them with our undivided attention.


"We love all things beautiful and take pleasure in the smallest details.  The perfect light fixture can make you smile every time you walk in a room." - Refinerie